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What would you do if you hit it?

LANSING (WWJ) – You gotta play to win, and you’ll have to pay a little more for a chance to win in one Michigan Lotto game. The Mega Millions game will cost players $2 — up a buck — beginning October 28. Michigan Lottery Commissioner Eric Nesbitt says the increase will help support bigger jackpots.…

via Mega Millions’ Starting Jackpots Will Jump To $40 Million, Bumping Ticket Prices Up — CBS Detroit

Top Small Businesses for 2017

Some of the best small business opportunities in the world can be found in the franchising space. Franchising provides small business owners with a proven system, resources for running the business, and built-in brand recognition and customer base.

We researched hundreds of franchise companies to compile this ranking, and the franchise opportunities listed here have been rated among the very best franchises by their own franchisees – the real franchise experts!

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Top Small Businesses for 2017


Stay Focused


Back Stage At UPW

How focused are you when it comes to your business?

I hate to admit it but staying focused has been a real challenge for me in the past, I say the past because today is a brand new day and I am in control of all I do.

Joseph McClendon III was part of a life changing event for me back in 2012 when I attended Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar. I first heard Joseph speak at a company event just days before I met him in New York. I had no clue I would meet him but back then a lot of amazing things were taking place in my life.

Since the day I have ventured into a lot of amazing areas of my life and I have added way more value to my life that I share with others today. The energy and drive guys like Joseph and Tony have going on is crazy to say the least, but if you have been to one of their events then you know what I am talking about.

I have always been an outgoing but kinda shy guy in certain areas of my life but perhaps I am not as shy as I may think I am. What I mean by that is I am more reserved then shy, I like to protect myself from being surrounded by the wrong type of people, these people are energy drainers and they love to draw others in with them.

How many people do you know like this?

Well unfortunately in order to rebuild my business life I had to take on a regular job and when I did this, I found myself surrounded by a lot of these low energy folks who love to have company.

Not all of the are like that but a lot of them are, they are the ones who hate their jobs but they won’t do nothing to change it. What they will do is recruit new members into their little circle so as they are not alone.

And that folks is how I got side tracked, I got caught up in this little arena and it took me sometime to get back on track and focused on what I love doing the most. I enjoy helping others improve their lives by offering them years of wisdom I have come been blessed with.

Today my journey leads me back to giving back using all the tools and strategies guys like Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III have taught me over the years.

Here is what I noticed about these two guys, They give way more value then you may realize and that is the secret to your business…

I look forward to getting back on track and staying focused on top of helping you do the same thing…

Steve Dorsey

Tony Robins

Oprah’s Life Class Tour in New York City 2012


Put in the work


By doing the work required you will get results, It may not be the work you want to do at times and it may not be the results you expected but if you never give up, I guarantee one day you will learn to love the work and you will enjoy the results.

All because you were willing to do what you really wanted to do with your life…

Keep Life Simple


Basically at some point in all of our lives we will have to hit the RESET BUTTON and start life all over again and that is what life for me is about today!

After trying so many things in life and never really able to follow through I just realized that maybe I needed to hit the reset button one more time and just live life by keeping it as simple as possible at least for me…..


Basically I am just a normal guy living with a complicated mind, what I mean by that is I have way to many ideas and not enough follow through’s. I tend to over process and complicate my life way too much and today I decided to just DELETE everything I was doing and start fresh with a clean slate.

 I have a lot of people in my life who really have good intentions and want to help me but in all reality they don’t understand someone like me and so they can’t help me or perhaps I just don’t want their help…lol


I am perhaps a spiritual being who has a higher power and lets leave it at that….

I don’t really care for the world and all of it’s problems and so I rather just be left out of all the crazy none sense so many people want to be involved with, I get we have problems but those problems have been around long before I was and they will be around long after I leave and so I just rather not be bothered with them if you know what I mean.

Keeping Life Simple is something I really need to do for myself in order to keep my sanity and so I just have to accept that and that is all there is too it I guess. At one time I use to do a lot of drinking and drugging and then one day I just quit! That day was August 11, 2002, as of yet I have not had a drink or drug in my system and that is a miracle in itself!

I need to do something with my time so I blog about stuff that pops up in my mind and I enjoy sharing with the world….

Not sure if anyone reads my post so if you do feel free to give me a shout out!

Well I am going to head out so perhaps I will come back and add more to this but we shall see….

have a Great Day!



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New York Fashion Week: Adolfo Sanchez brings the drama to high-end fashion

NBC Latino

He’s only 27 years old, but Adolfo Sanchez knows high-end fashion and is passionate about making his clothing line a household name.

“I want to empower women through my clothes to make them feel sexy, confident and sophisticated,” says the Orange County, California native, who now designs women’s wear under a self-titled clothing line. As a teenager, Sanchez was a regular on the club circuit and says the exposure to extreme fashion – think spikes and plenty of drama – schooled him on fashion as a means of individual expression. With an interest in clothing and a need for pocket-money, Sanchez began working his way up the social ranks of retail, employed first as a salesman at a local department store and eventually becoming top-earning employee at a Versace boutique at just 18-years-old.

“While I was working there, I really started to analyze the garments; looking at them inside out…

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Desire / Needs

Hey everybody how have you guys been? I am sorry I have not posted in some time but I have been working on some great projects and this is one of them! Hope you enjoy it and lets connect I want to hear all the latest updates from you guys!

~ Stand With Steve

Desire / Needs.


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Attitude and Confidence

Attitude and Confidence.

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