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OK I have been trying to figure out all of this blogging stuff and how to do it correctly and it occurred to me that in order for me to just do this stuff it needs not be perfect for I am in no way perfect. I am just a real person who enjoys writing random things that come to mind and share it with the world or who ever wants to take time out of there busy do or there boring day to read it for what ever reason they are reading stuff other people are writing about for that day! (LOL)

I am sure some people will read this and be quick to point out all the mistakes in the structure and how it flows forgetting that I never said I was a professional at this. At this point in time I find it entertaining to do and I am sure from past experiences I am not the only one who feels like this and agrees that sometimes everything does not need to be perfect it just needs to be done!

I think for me when I try and please everyone else I forget about me and what I want and therefore life makes no since to me at all! I feel like I have to be someone I am not and I can’t just be “Steve”, is Steve not allowed to make mistakes and have fun doing something just because? Does everything Steve do have to meet everyone Else’s expectations and follow a system like other blogger who have all of these complicated formats and systems that makes since to everyone but Steve?

I don’t think I am dumb or anything and I am not lazy and I don’t intentionally go against the grain of life I just feel that sometimes in life people over think and complicate everything they do and they spend so much time criticizing what others do that they forget it is not that serious. I can see if I was trying to get a job for a major publisher of some sort all of this would have to be done correctly or else I would not have a job and we all know what a job is now don’t we Just Over Broke.

Now eventually I am sure as I gain more experience I will get better at all of this or I will simply hire some one to do it for me and trust me I understand what and Editor is ? (LOL) So don’t let people fool you and get it twisted, the really great ones on here have a staff that makes sure everything gets edited and done properly but for me it is what it is today.

Now I know what you “Might” be thinking and I realize I am not a mind reader or fortune teller but I am setting high standards for myself and all I do and over time you will see this come about but in the start up phase I have to just be willing to put myself out there and do it. A long time ago a family friend named “Charlie” use to say “Boy don’t be a damn fool all of your life” and one of his others was “Do something dammit even if it is wrong” and so today that is were I am at in life! Tomorrow is another story.

P.S. If the way it flows really bothers you and you feel a need to edited it for me then feel free to do so and then email it back to me and I will be glad to re post your version compared to mine and that way people like me can see the correct way of doing it and we will have learned something for the day!

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