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Within me Fear has no chance ~

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Within me fear has no chance to survive this is the beginning of a whole new life and a whole new Steve Dorsey.

This Steve Dorsey smiles when Fear is present because I know it is trying to teach me to be stronger not weaker, it is challenging me to be all I can be, it encourages me to walk with it not against it, it invites me to face my challenges head on and not run away, fear is my friend not my enemy, fear teaches me to be alive and to see what is in front of me as well as inside of me, fear wants me to Win for if I was to fail and quit it would go away, fear likes to have fun and make life rewarding by letting me know I can conquer whatever it is that I fear, fear does not want to disappoint me it wants to embrace me and nurture me, fear realizes it can be conquered and tries to make me quit even though it knows it too has a weakness and that weakness is called FAITH, for with Faith anything is possible, Faith gives me strength, to have my own desires, My own willingness to overcome anything and everything that tries to get in my way, faith tells me my Passion to live life on life’s terms is what makes life meaningful and will be fulfilling by allowing me to create my own rules and find my own desires, it is my faith in my God whom I know for a fact HE has never ever given me more than I can handle and that is why I love Fear for Fear knows when to step down and let Faith take its place were it so much belongs and deserves to be and that is at the forefront of my life in everything I do and everything I say for without Faith I am nothing and fear would have an easy victory over me and Today Fear has lost a little more of its power but I am faithful he will return for that is what it does best and I welcome Fear to do what he does best because I know My Faith is stronger than any fear I may come in contact with for my God has promised to carry me even when I can not carry myself and I know this by the one set of foot prints I see in the sand when fear is tempting me and tormenting me to surrender and give up, it is at That Moment MY God Steps in and Lifts me up and carry’s me the rest of the way. For I know the best way to handle fear is to simply enjoy the journey it will take me on.

~ steve dorsey


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