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Are you stuck in Life?

Stand With Steve

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“The only way to get up and going in life is to actually get up and get going” ~ steve dorsey


  1. Marie-Edmonde Parisien says:

    Hi Steve, I was on the show on April 2nd at Radio City. I spoke of my fear of not being able to lose weight.
    How are you? What are you doing to move on with your life?

    • Hi There how is it going? I am going to LA to shoot a documentary and start building a coaching business! How is your fear for the weight issue going?

      • Marie-Edmonde Parisien says:

        I have my good days and bad days. I really need to grow my concierge business and my fear gets in the way. I look for support on OWN, the lifeclass, SuperSoul Sunday and now you. Tell me more about your coaching business. I would love to be a student of yours. If you need it. I live in Evanston, north of Chicago.


      • I would love to work with you! I found out what I thought was a big deal was really know big deal! Send me a email with a summary of who what and were you are at today! Lets go from there! Thanks Steve Dorsey

      • Did you get my message? If not contact me at 951-288-1692.

      • Marie-Edmonde Parisien says:

        Hi Steve, I did receive the message. I wanted to sit down and have a free moment to write you. Do you want me to comment here or look for your email on your fb page so it can be private?

      • How ever you feel comfortable as you see my moment was not private and I got the most from it!

      • Marie-Edmonde Parisien says:

        Bonjour Steve,
        I did email you last week. Check when you can.


        I was going to call you but I didn’t want to bother you if you’re busy.

      • Marie-Edmonde Parisien says:

        my cell 847-271-1003. Thanks!

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