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Road Trip ~

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I have had this feeling inside of me that I need to head to Cali and venture out and get back on my feet and reinvent my life. I feel I have the tools and enough strategies today on top of a purpose and a direction to do it. I am packing up what I need and loading it up in my pathfiner.

I plan on staying with some friends or just sleeping in my truck. I feel I just need to do what I have to do. I will search for work while using the tools I have now and that is the 90 Day Challenge (LOL) what a concept I am in the business for 90 Day fitness challenges but I have stated before my challenges were something more then fitness so I will take a before and after picture for this challenge too!

Well I am off and will be checking in blogging as much as I can ~

LOL I was trying to post a photo of my truck before I hit the road and it is not working. My first thought is maybe this is a sign and usually I relate that sign to being a sign of not doing something. So I realized that is a simply way of letting fear in and what did I say about handling fear? Exaclty I am getting ready to go on a journey with it right now ~ see you guys later!


  1. Katherine McNerney says:

    You go, Steve! I’ll be following.

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