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“I Have a Dream” ~

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Everyday we wake up and start off our day we have all of these thoughts and ideas that goes through our heads way before we even get out of bed or at least I do!

Sometimes my head takes off so fast I have to remind myself to slow down because it can be all over the place. I use to wake up with thoughts of what I didn’t do and should have done and why I didn’t do it.

Most of the time these thoughts were based on my previous days experience or something in from my past that occurred. My problem was for 20 years I had nothing but negative thoughts from all the negative stuff I did in my life and it was very hard to have any positive thoughts for I was in fear that something would step in and go wrong which it usually did.

I never knew why this always happened until I was on Oprah’s Life Class and Iyanla explained it to me. My dream was a nightmare I had relived day in and day out for many years. I was always trying to get out of it and never doing anything to actually get out of it. I don’t recall anyone in my life teaching me about dreaming, having goals and how important it is to surround yourself with positive people and like minds.

Since I have been back in Riverside, I have attended some AA meetings were I got sober at and by sitting there and observing I can see things a whole lot different today then I did before. I still look for the similarities instead of the differences. Oddly enough some of the stories I hear I have to disagree with simply because of the negative wording that is being used.

For instance I heard a guy mention how he always thinks about drinking and therefore he will always be an alcoholic and he is exactly right for what you think about the most you become. So I know today I simply don’t think about it everyday and so my mind is free of it. Keep in mind this guy is not a newcomer hes has been around for a number of years.

My dream was not to be an alcoholic, my surroundings taught me to dream along these lines and I soon got what I wanted for I wanted to be like my big brother and sure enough I was just like him.

Today I choose to dream about having a nice life, being of services to others, and now my dreams have expanded to building a new business that is my passion for I have been in search of my passion since I first learned it existed and you could have it. It was hard to find and live by this concept for I was always in a negative mind frame surrounded by negative people and environments.

I have to step out of my comfort zone and be willing to do what I have never done before in order to get what I have never gotten before. Sure it scares the hell out of me and I can tell myself all kinds of stories that will protect me from getting my feelings hurt and crush my dreams thinking it is ok only later to discover that by doing this I just added another negative story to my life.

I started telling myself if I was going to lie to myself why not tell myself a Great lie! One that is full of great things, exciting people, places and things for it is way better than the other lie I had been telling myself for so many years that was not even my own story and my own belief.

Society has played a big part in my life when it came to negative influence and maybe you feel it is everywhere and we can’t get away from it for it lives in our lives 24/7, I refuse to believe that because I have learned that for every negative there is a positive. God created two of everything in my world and therefore if there is a negative world then there is a positive world, he gave us free will for a reason and I choose to live in a positive world with positive dreams and positive people.

Everyone has a right to live the life they want as long as it falls within the guidelines of the law, meaning don’t break the law to get what you want and at some point in life everybody wants something and they will take some type of action to get it.

I have to be reminded on a daily basis of what I want and WHY I want it. So many people will step in and tell you crazy stuff like “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” and they don’t realize you are willing to share some of your cake with everyone else!

I guess I have to remind myself that for every dream snatcher there is also someone else that will empower me and my beliefs simply because like minds attract like minds and they need to be surrounded with dream builders and not dream snatchers.

Part of my dream involves seeing millions of people realizing they too can live the life they dream of. I see Stand With Steve as a Foundation that will help inspire and life up all those who are willing. Together we can make a difference and Pay it Forward every step of the way and the only way WE can do this is by joining forces and working together. If you can just see the dream you can live the dream.

I love the saying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said along time ago but not so long ago “I Have A Dream” !

What is your Dream? Please share it with the rest of us for doing it is the first step to generating it into your life ~

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