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You are Perfect STOP trying to fix yourself !

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Last night I had a conversation with a friend for I was pondering some thoughts I was having and it occurred to me that God created me in the image of his likeness and therefore I see God as being perfect and so am I!

Sure I can’t walk on water and I have sinned just like you and everyone else and that is NOT what being perfect is all about. Being perfect means there is nothing wrong with me and I don’t need to be trying to find what is wrong and fix it! If it is not broke then why fix it?

Are you not Perfect just the way you are?

For years I have always been looking for ways to “FIX” me and the whole time there was nothing wrong with me. NOW I realize some people are going to immediately say NO ONE IS PERFECT only God and Now you think you are God? NO that is not what I am saying and I am saying I am perfect weather you want to believe it or not is your problem or their problem!

Let me explain to you why it is so important to accept you are PERFECT the way you are NOW!

Ok the brain works in a way that when you give it a assignment it will be constantly looking for ways to complete that assignment even when you have quit the brain is still in search of answers or ways to protect you.

At least that is the way I see it. When I am searching for ways to fix me because I know something is wrong with me because I do certain things or I can’t get unstuck in life or I am always depressed or I can’t do something it is usually because I think I am “BROKE”.

It is  not so much as I am broke as it is I am just in search of ways to improve what I already have and what I already have is perfect! God does not create junk and so I believe in God or a Higher Power other than myself and everything this God has created was perfect “UNTIL” man came in and started screwing with the system.

Everything we do, see and think about in life has been pre programmed by God and he gave us everything we need life in order to survive and multiply and even have an abundance for all of mankind.

The only reason we have problems is because Man is greedy and wants it all to himself. I am no way the most religious guy in the world or am I a Bible thumper. For years I searched the bible for some of my problems in life and since the bible speaks in parables I got lost and a lot of preachers along the way could not explain it to me either. As a matter of fact when I got sober I started attended a church in Riverside Ca, called Harvest and Greg Laurie was and still is the Pastor of the church.

I woke up one morning and decided I was going to go and this is a mega church it is huge, well before I walked in I said to myself I was going to go in and listen to the message and leave all the other crap alone. Churches this big usually have a lot of people who think the Pastor is god and they put him up on the pedestal and they run around looking like they drank the “Kool Aid”. I seen the same thing in AA meetings they have the AA Guru Gods there too! My purpose was to find God and learn why I did the things I did and how come I was “NOT PERFECT” like everyone else!

You see my life was pretty screwed up with all the negative stuff I did and I just knew I was scared because when you have an addiction like I did you do nothing but “SiN” all day long (LOL)

I turned my Will and Life over after attending a few of the services and they gave me a “New Believers” Bible and I went home and started from the very first page and started reading it. I also realized before this that I if I was going to have conversations with people and this subject came up I want to have knowledge on the subject so I could in fact carry on a conversation with some of my input and not just theres!

Well each week Greg started answering questions I had and I started learning and growing from that point on. I ended up reading that Bible cover to cover and I attend church every sunday at the same time I was attending AA meeting right afterwards, it occurred to me that when I went to AA meetings everyday I was absorbing so much BS from other people I needed some uplifting and church was that tool to lift me spiritual when AA was starting to drain me. The place I went to cared more about smoking and fighting way more than other stuff it seemed.

Well anyways I heard a lot and started growing out of church at least that one and everyone was saying the same thing in church as they say in AA, that is YOU have to keep going all the time and stay connected or plugged in and get to know people at that time I was not ready to be brain washed with that stuff.

For me I just didn’t get what everybody else was getting and a lot of the stuff I was listing too just wasn’t sitting very well with me. I am not into “Clicks” that much and I had a lot of stuff going on because I always “Felt Broke” and no one could fix me. I use to pray every day without missing a beat, and yet I felt the same. I was broke and even God couldn’t fix me for if he could I would have been fixed a long time ago!

I sat back and just seen how society was so screwed up and the World was in a mess and always at conflict with one another and it was always fighting over stupid stuff. People fighting over religion and every one of them are supposed to be “RELIGOUS” but yet NONE of them could get along because everyone wanted to FORCE their Beliefs and their Gods on everyone else. They say there is only one God and that God is the one “WE” say it is!

I look at it like this if you actually practice what any of these beliefs are and realize the “SIMILARITY” is always wanting a better life for everyone and Love thy neighbor and enemy then who cares what you believe in? It is not my job to go to war with you and make you Love “MY GOD” !

So back to being perfect! After all of that stuff I realize today I AM PERFECT just the way I am and I am NOT BROKE and need fixing today! I have a lot of stuff in my life and in my mind I want to improve on and that is NOT fixing anything it is just wanting to improve what God created and what God created was this PERFECT Human being in HIS LIKENESS not YOURS!

I remember going to a Bible study class with all guys at Harvest and some of these guys were just so happy and go lucky they seemed to be a little funny to me and that bothered me so much I quit going. They seemed to be fake and not real, at least that was my perception of them at the time.

I needed to realize they were PERFECT too and that was ok for them so why does it bother me so much well that is because I was broke and needed fixing but I didn’t want what they had I wanted something else. Well today I have all I need and I am happy the way I am. I love myself and my fellow-man and woman and see everyone the way I see myself and that is PERFECT just the way you are!

STOP trying to fix yourself! Please read and search for ways of improving yourself but there is no need to think you are broken and need to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with you that needs fixing you just need to realize everything you do day in and day out is a lesson and a way to improve what is already perfect.

Scientists have a pretty good understanding of how a lot of things in this world work but they can’t explain a lot of it for they are not perfect right? WRONG they are perfect just the way they are and they are on the right track to trying to understand what God wants them to see and understand! It is my belief that God wants us to keep searching for answers to life mysteries and that is why he gives us a little bit more each time! Think about it just a few years ago we all thought some of the games we played on our tv’s were perfect then a few years ahead these games have developed so well that one day my son was playing a basketball game and I though it was the real players!

So you see the games in the past were perfect because that was the knowledge they had at the time and because they kept looking for ways to improve them they got even better than ever and as Humans that is how I see it! I was perfect a long time ago and today I am better than ever and if I wake up tomorrow I will be that mush better why you ask~


The guy I am standing with in the photo above use to be a gangbanger back in the day in his younger days and today he is worth millions all because he decided to improve his life and he got a mentor who helped him see life a little different. He started hanging out with like-minded people and today he also has a book out that is a best seller called “Nothing to Lose, everything to Gain” by Ryan Blair.

That seems like a pretty good place to be at in life what do you think?

Are you Perfect or not for I am PERFECT and it can only get better as each day passes!


  1. Sue says:

    So I woke up in a funk this morning….feelings of worry, anxiety, hopelessness…..and I was thinking about our conversaton last night and asked myself the question that you asked me….why couldn’t I just snap myself out of it. At first, I was thinking it’s because we get consumed in our emotions and can’t rationally think our way out of it. We have all the tools, we’ve read all the self help books, we know what to do…so why couldn’t I do that. But then I thought about what you said about being created perfect and you are so right. I think that it all comes down to having faith. You are absolutely right. Once I replayed that conversation in my mind and remembered that we were created perfect and that God is in control, I started to feel better and instead of sinking deeper I could feel myself climbing out of it.
    So I will take this day on by doing my best, and reminding myself that I can’t lose that hope and faith if I want to keep moving forward in life.

    • That is so great Sue that you were able to see how we can change our state in the same instant it went into a funk. We are perfect and when we see that and say it to ourselves no matter what we can use it to realize we can do whatever we want to do within common sense and go from feeling down to feeling upbeat and ready to go just as quickly and easy. Great Job and Stay Positive and always remember YOU ARE PERFECT!

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