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Starting From Scratch!

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At some point in life one time or another we find ourselves having to start over for whatever reason it is, does not really matter so why worry about that story!

WHY we have to start over is not important what is important is we  Just Do It!

I have a lot of great tools and strategies in my life that will allow me to start over without trying to reinvent the wheel. I am going back to the basics of my Visalus Business and will get back on board with it. Sure I had a rough start and things didn’t go right in the beginning and that is ok! I have been in the business since 2010 and besides getting it for Free the rest has not been that great! Sure I have been getting checks for promoting it and it is true you get out of life what you put into it!

I love the fact I can create my own life and set my own hours. My life coaching business will flow right with my visalus business. As a matter of fact my visalus business will be my way of showing others no matter what life throws at you don’t give up!

My passion is what drives me and today, I know for a fact my passion is being of service to others! I love seeing the responses I have been getting so far with people I have been talking with already! I have seen changes with my clients as soon as we hang up the phone. They will send me an email telling me they “GET IT” and Thanks for helping them see it!

Just like them I get it too! For the longest time it was hard for me to envision a future when I had mine snatched up from me. I spent years rebuilding my life when I got sober, my credit was 470 and in two years I had it in the 700’s and all of my past credit issues were dealt with and I had made financial amends to all of my financial obligations and here I am today in life doing it all over again. The best part of it all is I know how to do it and I will clean it all up again.

Nothing is impossible!

If you want to make changes in life then you have to just do it. My plan is to take everything I have learned in life up to this point and see it all as a positive experience and create my new story in life, I will create a new vision board, go hang out in a new home and feel what it is like to be in that space and enjoy life again.

If you are interested in working with me and joining my TEAM for financial recovery and staying fit go check out my business web page at

I will no longer be a victim of my past and let FEAR of REJECTION control my outcome and future. We all want the same things in life and that is to live a decent and fulfilled life!

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  1. Sue says:

    That’s awesome Steve! You are right on about everything you just wrote. You have your vision, you have your tools and strategies, and most of all you have made the decision to not let your past and fear and rejection control your future. That’s success right there! Enjoy the journey my friend and enjoy your blessings…for they will come.

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