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Your Vision is What Creates Your Reality

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“Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.”

~ William Arthur Ward

In life today anything and everything is possible, no matter how big or small if you can dream it you can achieve it. I have read so many books in the last 10 years and the one thing all of these books had in common was saying like this, even the Bible talks about it.

I am at a point in my life that I realize everything I have read to some degree is in fact true and doable. I say to some degree simply because I have read a lot and I realize not everything I have read might be true or maybe I am just not ready to receive it into my Belief system yet!

Your Belief System is what creates your True Life for all you do. This is what the Bible wants you to understand and realize that once you establish a Belief it is what creates your reality. Sure you can change your Beliefs as you get older and Grow Wiser and in fact that is exactly what you are supposed to do I feel.

I know for so many years my belief system was based on what I did at the time and what I wanted out of life at that time. Today my belief system has totally changed and has been changing as I continue to grow into the man who God truly wants me to be!

The day I wrote this I woke up and went into the backyard of my daughter’s house and I found myself sitting in a new direction. The direction I was sitting in has a 25′ block wall in front of me and I will usually not sit in this direction simply because of that wall. As I was sitting there I closed my eyes and began to Meditate, The most amazing thing started happening to me, I could literally feel myself going right through that block wall and actually mediating at a location I want to live at in the near future. I went in the house and grabbed my iphone for it has a handy little compass on it and when I pointed it in the direction I was facing I realized that was the same direction I want to live in!

Prior to this I had just started working on a knew vision board that involved a house I found on the internet that I would like to own within the next 5 years. I prayed about it and when I seen it I new this was the house I want, best of all this house could be custom-built and to meet all of my needs!

Now since all of the books, mentors and teachers I have been studying all said the same thing I figured what the hell why not  dream BIG if I am going to Dream then I need to give it 100% and have FAITH that they all know what they are talking about just like in the Bible each author in the Bible pretty much taught the same thing and God said so Himself that there is an Abundance for all to have! My perfect location I felt at this time is The Great Coast Line Of Malibu!

That’s right MALIBU!

I have been researching it and so far this location seems like the perfect fit for what I want in life. I have always been drawn to the ocean and I love the serenity the ocean and all the sounds that come with it. I can see myself in my back yard facing the ocean mediating early in the morning and taking in the fresh sea air!

Too me that sounds and smells like heaven!

As I look back on my life I realize there were so many things that I wanted and I actually got them. I had no clue as to how I was going to get them and one day I had it. Not everything was material items surly my sobriety was not a material object for it was a life saver and I want to save my own life for I knew if I was to keep doing what I was doing I would surly die or worst yet end up in prison!

Right after I got sober, I found this book and it talked about tithing and I felt very drawn to reading it all and it was around this same time I had one unemployment check left and after that I would not have an income coming in at all. I took 10% of my unemployment check and gave it to the church the book suggested I give it too, I Prayed about it and I simply said to myself I have nothing to lose and God I will do as you say!

The most amazing thing happened in a very short amount of time, I got a check in the mail for something that I was entitled to from when I lived in Las Vegas before. I gave 10% of that and long story short I kept getting checks from some of the oddest places and each one was getting bigger and bigger. Some of them I could trace back to a possible cause but the thing I learned the most was I received it when I needed it the most!

Now eventually they stopped coming in and I practiced giving when I could, then as time went on I stopped doing it for what ever reason but I forgot about that until writing this blog today!

You see I got to a place in my life that I found myself listening to everybody else and not listening to myself and to my true Spiritual Teacher who I call God!  For God is within all of us and when we close out the rest of the world and practice being obedient to him and his word it is when we find the most peace in our lives.

I can trace back when I stopped all of this stuff I was doing before and oddly enough it was because of a Women I was in love with at the time and she dumped me and my heart was broken and it took some time for me to get over it for it is true about what they say in AA, when you stop drinking you will find yourself at the age you started at and for me it was around 17 or so and I acted just like an immature 17-year-old. I am so grateful for that experience for it was an experience that taught me what it is like to love with all of your heart and it also taught me what love felt like when it was gone.

A lot of years have passed since that happened and up until now I never talked about it and I never let another women do to me what that one did. I look back and today I realize she was completely WRONG for me and God knew exactly what he was doing.

You see back then I wanted someone else to help save me and today I realize all I need is God, I was in fact looking for love in all the wrong places. Today I love God, Myself, My Family, and of course My Friends too! I love everyone I meet and come in contact with, we may not get along all the time but I Love all!

You see Love is the Glue to a Happy Life for if you Love all than Your heart is filled with Joy and Peace, it is when your heart is filled with this type of Love that everything else is the icing on the cake! I realize there is more to life than a Beautiful Home at the Perfect Location and all of that is decided strictly by You and Only You!

Sure God will use you where he sees fit and maybe where he places you is not the location you dreamed of or what you had planned but he never said you can’t have it, he just said it will happen on His Time! The bottom line is you must have Faith and believe With all of your heart it will happen. The best way to do it is to create it in your mind first while at the same time maybe create a Vision Board. No need to worry about how you will pay for it just do it!

What I noticed was as soon as I did all of this I simply asked myself a pretty easy question and that question was if this is truly what I want then what can I do in order to pay for it all and not only pay for it but continue to keep it up with no real worries for after all God said for us to let him have all our worries did he NOT?

Psalm 121:1-2  I lift up my eyes to the  hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who  made heaven and earth.

After doing this I had all kinds of ideas and now Plans on how I can achieve my Vision and live my Dreams, oddly enough these plans and visions I have will also help so many others. I can create new jobs and teach so many others that anything and everything is possible and we are only limited by our OWN Beliefs and Doubts not by those who will tell us crazy things like “That will never happen” or The economy is bad for the economy is not created by those who take but by those who GIVE!

“Thank you God for making all of my dreams a Reality”

~ steve dorsey

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