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I look back on the past and I see a different person today, the person I see today has a  future that is unstoppable.

~ steve dorsey

When you look back on your past what do you see?

Take a moment and reflect on your past and see how far you really have come in life today. If you set out to make positive changes in your life I am sure you have some to document for anyone who sets out to make any change will accomplish it no matter what you just have to take time to see it and accept it.

Some changes are big and many are small. It is the small ones that will eventually create the big ones!

It just a few short months I can see a lot of positive changes I have made and some that are being made and I had nothing to do with them in a way.

I never thought about being a life coach even though I use to tell people “I know exactly what is wrong with you – I just can’t fix what is wrong with me” That use to be a joke and today it is a some what true statement for I have come a long ways in realizing what is wrong with me too!

My new business as a Life Coach gives me everything I always wanted in life and that is a sense of helping out my fellow brother and sister in life simply by being there and sharing some of my life experiences with them in a way others will not.

If you would like to take a look at what I am up to now go to and fell free to browse around and if you have any questions at all feel free to drop me a line or call! I am here for you like they were here for me ~ steve dorsey

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