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I started smoking Pot in the 8th grade in the 7th grade I was on the principles list with great grades. After I started smoking pot my grades and attendance went way down. From the 8th grade to my senior year I stayed high. I was addicted to weed for sure. My grades and attendance was really bad. They say Pot is not as bad as other drugs right? Well I had the pleasure of trying all kinds of other drugs out in high school too! After high school I fell in love with alcohol for it did for me what my “Normal” confidence would not do for me. After I quit drinking I went to work on all the stuff I took for granite and one day I found myself so Stuck in life it just seem hopeless. I ended up on Oprah’s Life Class Tour and learned I was now “Addicted” to My Story!

Millions of people all around the World stood up and realized they had a similarity and Stand with Steve was born! It has nothing to do with me because I am UNSTUCK today!
Too bad all the other people who are stuck and feeling hopeless will have to depend on Government Programs or Doctors who want to MEDICATE them up. If I would have went to a Doctor they would have told me I was Depressed, have Anxiety and Bipolar! The majority of the people I know or met over the years in AA and even so called “Normies” are heavily medicated and labeled now and I TOOK NO MEDICATION at all! Chances are if you are reading this still you are now or have been depressed at some point in your life and I bet some one you know or even yourself is medicated right now! If you want to find a better way to live life  Then help support The Stand with Steve Non Profit Foundation for it is about Teaching others to deal with Real Life Lessons without being on Dope! I spent too many years getting High to only have a Doctor get me hooked back on drugs that has more side affects then the street drugs I was use to take!
Thanks and May God Bless You and all of your Friends and Family!
Steve Dorsey
Clean and Sober 10 years and counting ~Stand with Steve

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