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Whenever I share something about me and my life I get to a certain point in my story or message I can feel this emotional flood gate getting ready to open up and pour out and sure enough the tears come pouring down!
Why ?

This is one area of my life that I seem to have no control over what so ever.

So what is it about my past that haunts me or gets me so chocked up that I shed these tears every time.

Well the real question is why do I want to keep trying to figure it out?

Then it hits me!

I don’t have any new and exciting stories or emotions I want to share, enjoy or experience or do I ?

The fact of the matter is I was never taught as a kid how to do this or do I ever really remember seeing these types of emotions being expressed without alcohol being involved.

I just got through sharing my story at a AA meeting and as I talked about my 10 years of being sober I got to a point that caused me to tear up and express emotions that causes me to have to pause and basically wait to regroup.

I realize I don’t really talk about what I do for fun or some of the fun life experience I have had. Meeting Oprah Winfrey and being on her show getting to travel and meet so many great people getting to experience such places as New York, Toronto Canada and St. Louis were all lots of fun but I don’t mention it.

Since I have been sober I have had lots of great life experience and I realize that is what I will start talking about and living in for I really don’t need to go so deep into my past.

I also realize I have this gift of connecting with others like me and I can do it in a way that they can relate to without all the emotions of what appears to be pain.

For the most part I am a pretty happy go lucky guy just wanting to live life – steve dorsey

So just take a minute after you read this and listen to the waterfall and realize life really is a blessing and have fun!

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