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Oct. 1, 2012 Daily Reflection

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As I sit here and think about what it is I want to write and share with those who take the time to read what it is I write I find few words to actually share today. It is a brand new month and I have always loved October simply because of Halloween !

 As a kid I remember counting down the days as each day went by in anticipation of the night me and my friends would get all dressed up and go out and have a great time knocking on doors and getting candy

I don’t recall ever associating Halloween with any form of religion or satanic worship just “CANDY” and scary costumes that was purely “FUN”!

As I got older I noticed how the churches took away the fun of that great night by putting labels to it and making it out to be a bigger deal then what it really was. Halloween never meant more to me then having fun and eating candy. We made our own costumes and went out and had a blast!

I find it odd that as you grow up adults seem to want to take all the fun away from kids with all of this crazy stuff they say. I have nothing against preachers and churches for I believe in God and have been to church, but I don’t agree with everything the preacher is preaching for I have my own views and beliefs.

In my view Halloween is just Halloween and I loved it as a kid and so I allow my kids to enjoy it too! 

I guess that is what my reflection is all about today and that is we all get to view the world as we please and we all get to make our own choices. There is a code we shall live by and the 10 Commandments is a pretty good one to follow if you are in doubt. 

And as I recall it says nothing about not having fun and  dressing up in your favorite  “costume” and knocking on doors saying “Trick or Treat” to me the only thing those three words ever meant was “give me candy!”

Nothing more and nothing less, as a matter of fact when I started going to church and heard the preacher talk about it was when  I realized it had a different meaning for others but to me it still just meant “Give me CANDY”!


As always be safe and do the right thing and for Gods sake let the kids have fun!  

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