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Oct. 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

Stand With Steve

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Although I am not perfect by any means I still try to do my best to be as perfect as possible. The reason I shoot for being perfect as possible is simply because if I only hit it by 1% it will still be better then anything else.

Today seems to be one of those days that can go either way and it is up to me to just keep it going down the right path as best as I can. I have all the right tools and I know of a lot of strategies to use even though they sometimes seem to not work I still try to use them.

When I woke up this morning I seem to have very little motivation and off routine a bit but then God stepped in and gave me a gift! This gift came in the form of a photo and some kind words from a stranger to my facebook fan page “stand-with-steve”. Instead of trying to describe it I will share it for this gift made my day!

Henry Lmrr

Artist Henry Lmrr  

 This tells me My Higher Power who I choose to call God is always watching over me just like he is watching over YOU! 

Thanks Mr. Henry Lmrr

P.S. I have always been a big fan of “I Love Lucy”


  1. Sue says:

    That’s awesome! He captured you beautifully!

  2. Heather Carter says:

    OMG. That looks exactly like you. You are very handsome and he seemed to have captured your essence. Very good! You should make it a logo. wow.

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