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Oct. 7,2012 Daily Reflection

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What a beautiful morning it is already and I just love how the sun is already shining and I got to absorb it’s warmth and energy already. As I sat outside just moments ago I was reflecting a little bit back on my life. People have always said I was special and great things would come my way and for the life of me I never understood what they meant by that statement.

Today I have a better understanding of it and a clearer picture of it each and everyday I wake up. It is the early mornings and the inspirational reading I love the most about my day. I was reading a magazine I picked up the other day in Huntington Beach called “LAYOGA” Ayurveda and Health.

I especially enjoyed and article by the famous designer Donna Karen, who’s name I have heard of and know of but that is all. She has a project called Urban Zen which caught my attention simply because of the name. What caught my attention was more or less based on a belief or a feeling I have had for some time and never understood it or why it was within me. 

You see when I think of “YOGA” I picture people who are a little to happy and just seem to be a little to earthy for me I guess you can say, very judgmental I know and realize. I feel we live in a time that life is crazy and we do need some type of peace and calm within us all but these people are way over board (LOL). 

But the thing about it all is I have been very drawn to this life style and I agree with so much of what little I know about it. I feel the Mind, Body and Spirit all need to be connected in harmony and I truly want to shut off the clatter that takes place in my mind soon after I am up and about in the “Real World” because it is there that makes it so difficult to live in peace in harmony. 

I am in the process of doing some real soul searching and part of this process has opened my eyes to this peaceful world called Yoga. 

The reason I go to the beach is simply because I am drawn to it, for that matter I have always been drawn to any place that has water. I love waking up early in the morning and reflecting out into the very presence of it’s calmness or it’s power along with the warmth of the early morning sunshine.

“I love the idea of peace and serenity” ~ steve dorsey

I have always felt that the body was capable of healing itself ever since I seen the way the movie “The Secret” spoke about it. Take your finger for example, growing up as a kid I have had many scrapes, cuts and bruises and the majority of them have always been healed by themselves meaning all I had to do was put a proper dressing on it and keep it clean and mother nature did the rest. 

I have had many cuts in my time as an adult and did nothing at all to them and they healed themselves, so that tells me the body can and will heal itself! 

That being the case and I understand and realize that, what if I did some preventive maintenance like I would on my car to help the process out a little bit more. 

For years I abused my mind, body and spirit by abusing drugs and alcohol  and even smoking cigarettes simply because for me cigarettes were a big part of my addiction even though I never liked cigarettes they served a purpose for me when I was under the influence. 

One of the first things you do when you get sober in Alcoholics Anonymous is try to calm down and be surrounded with like minded people who know what you are going through and listen to what they have to say and then take suggestions that might help you that has helped them. Then you do some reading and just keep coming back and get a sponsor and don’t drink in between meetings.

Once I started getting sober and regaining my spiritual connection with my higher power I choose to call God I started doing things outside of meetings that no one really spoke about. 

I felt there was life outside of those doors and I wanted to not only see it but live it! Although AA teaches you there is life outside of it’s doors it does not suggest you try to do it on your own and you need to stick close by or else you would drink again. For many years I did in fact do that.

This time the only difference was I knew I was through and I in fact had a God of my understanding and He was the only reason I was sober! No man had power over me being sober and so I owed no one only GOD

Sure I had my struggles and I lost a lot but I never drank over it and today I am not only sober I am finding more and more peace simply because I kept surrendering and seeking new ways and new answers.

I see today being a new chapter in my life and if I really want to go to the next level it will involve “YOGA” I feel, so when I seen Donna Karen’s Urban Zen it really caught my attention. I realize today that I am not the only one in the world who thinks and feels the way I do and so if the so called traditional yoga ways turn me off then it must turn others off too so how do you take something so great and make it useful to others until they can get past the road blocks of “Judgement”?

Who is to say you can’t take bits and pieces of all these great tools and strategies and call them what you like hence “Urban Zen” in order to reach and teach countless others who you might not have reached simply because of the picture they have created from their programming and environment.

It is like they say “You can take the kid out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of him”  or can you?  

I think you can and it will be called a “New Trend”

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