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Oct. 8, 2012 Daily Reflection

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Mind, Body and Spirit

When I think about these words it allows me to see the full picture of life for all are pretty much the circle of life for me.
I have always felt a connection to God and for as long as I can remember I have been seeking him.
My mind often will try and play tricks on me and get me off track but I realize it is up to me to keep it on some kind of spiritual path.
We have only one body and we must take care of our body with the resources we have available to us no matter were we are at in life.
I look at life today as if I will live to be 100 years old and my mind, body and spirit will need to be in peak condition for my entire journey here on earth.
Sure I got off to a bad start maybe but today is were I live and not in the past for my past taught me how to live in today.
I see it like this the Sprit heals the mind and the mind heals the body so therefore I must nourish them all.
In order for the body to function at peak performance at any age it must be well maintained like a fine automobile.
It is odd how we will tend to take care of our automobiles better then our own bodies, I see guys at car shows sitting by their cars showing them off and bragging about all the money they spent on every little detail and have no problem paying top dollar for oil and gas and then when it comes to proper nutrition for their bodies they say it cost too much and complain about exercising. Making excuses about not having enough time to do it but turn around and spend countless hours on their automobiles.
There is nothing wrong with taking the time for your hobbies because that is a way to heal the soul for the soul needs pleasure and can get it in many forms.
There must be balance in all areas of our lives after all we will be here for awhile and no since in not being able to enjoy it all even when we reach 100 years of age!

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