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Oct 12, 2012 Daily Reflection

Stand With Steve

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As I sit here thinking about the day a head of me I also think about the day behind me. Yesterday reminds me what I need to do today for it was yesterday that I measure my today’s by.

Did I do everything I said I would do yesterday because if not then I must do it today.

I was working on creating new values for myself simply because I learned mine were in conflict with one another and left me feeling stuck between moving forward and leaving my past.

I had to figure out what was important to me and what was not that important and the only way to do it was take a look at what I had been doing in life and how I was feeling.

I realized my old values were not created by me and so I created my own. I like to call them my power values simply because I have been working on taking back my own power and living my life by my design and no one else’s!

My new list of moving-toward values are:









Making a difference

Learning / Growing


Being the best




Now the thing about it is I got help with these New Values simply because someone else gave them to me as an example and the person who I got them from is someone I respect and admire and so if they are good enough for him then they are good enough for me.

When I Reflected back on my old values I realized these new values  make total since to me for I want the same things in life too!

As I grow I am sure I will be making adjustments to the order of these values and I will eventually add some new ones but for today it is a Great Place to START!

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  1. wartica says:

    I’m on the same page as you are, Steve; these values, and attributes, are things we should all be striving for:)

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