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Oct. 21,2012 Daily Reflection

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As I sit here and watch the news which I seldom do for I rarely like  what I see and here, I find myself shaking my head with disbelief  and sadness from what I see and hear.

I watch a round table on the presidential debate and just shake my head even more in disbelief.

I catch a glimpse of world news and yes I shake my head in disbelief again for the whole world is in turmoil with one another.

It seems there are no leaders you can trust and believe and all of them are seeking their own benefits.

They are doing fact checks and each side has been stretching the truth in order to get votes. I find it odd that they have been allowed to do this for years and “We The People” Allow it!

Our leaders and the media are wondering why are kids are doing what they are doing and it is no wonder look at what they are being taught.

We have no leaders in the world even the religious leaders have fault for they are full of lies as well. It seems everyone lies and keeps so many secrets and until all the lies and all the secrets stop we will always be in turmoil with one another.

I like the story of Buddha for he was simply seeking peace in a crazy world which I too am seeking peace in a crazy world!

When you want to make a change in the world you live in look in the mirror and start making the change with the reflection you see in the mirror for it really is an inside job and change take place one person at a time ~

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