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Nov. 1, 2012 Daily Reflection

Stand With Steve

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As I reflect on my life and think about my past I must realize I have everything I need in order to build my future and therefore I no longer need to worry about my past getting in the way of my future.

Everything we need in life lies within us all and all we have to do is realize it and use it. Your ability to live the life you want is not as hard as you think it is.

The saying “If you can dream it you can create it” is so true and it amazes me how so many people fail to not only realize it but utilize it.

We all have this desire within us to survive and that is the desire that makes your life what it is today. Some of us have few desires and some of us have many desires, there is no right or wrong amount unless you say so!

If you desire to have a great life then so be it go out and create it, nothing can hold you back but yourself and a lot of the time it is as simple as changing your program!

It saddens me when I hear young black men talk about how 400 years of slavery is the reason they can’t be successful in life and have to do what they do in order to get ahead and survive in life when we have our first black President of the United States who the same black men claimed he was not “Black Enough” how many times have I personally heard this about myself for I am half black and half white!

Take away the excuses and the desire to blame others for your life situation today and watch how you can turn it around in no time! There are plenty of things out there you can do to create the lifestyle you want and all you have to do is reprogram the way you think and see life for what it was to how it really is!

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