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Nov. 9 Daily Reflection

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Maybe life is supposed to be the way it is for you for a reason, have you ever thought of that?

I wonder why some people have great lives and others just can’t seem to pull it together. I know from first hand experience life is difficult and it can just keep getting tougher and tougher and the more you try the harder it gets.

After the election I took a look at what a lot of the people were saying about how life is fair and so many people just want hand outs in life and I find that to be crazy. I am sure a lot of people have mental conditions that just won’t allow them to have the same type of life others have.

So what do you do about it is the question? 

Pray, think positive, have faith,go to counselling, hire a life coach,don’t worry about it?

There are so many more choices in life and it is up to you to do something for yourself. No matter what you have to find a way to be happy in the world you live in! 

Life is tough and very unfair for so many and yet it is easy and  more than fair to many others and I guess it can go either way so what way are you really picking and why seems to be the question that needs some answers too! 

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