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Nov 27 Daily Reflection

Stand With Steve

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Practice what you preach comes to mind for me today simply because there are so many people out there with all of this great advice on how to live life on life’s terms and I wonder if they use what they teach! 

I was just searching on the web for inspirational stuff for another project I am working on and I came across a ton of stuff out there and man it is very overwhelming. They all have these ebooks  that come with great advice and all but I am so curious as to what their lives are really like day to day!

I know for me I tend to write the good with the bad but I have been wondering if that is the right thing to do because I can’t help but notice hardly anyone else does that. They all talk about how wonderful and “blissful” life is for them making it seem like they live in these perfect little worlds and never have problems.

It makes me wonder if I am really that screwed up! (LOL) because in my world nothing is perfect everyday and I have my good days and bad days. I was once told in order to know what a good day looked like it required for you to have a bad day and visa versa.

I asked a friend a question about what was the message I was on with Oprah’s Life Class and she responded with this:

What was the main message about?

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada)

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People stood up with Steve because you stood up and vocalized what thousands of people are living.  You are not the only one who has struggles…we all do.  You represented what so many of us do…stay stuck in a story that prevents us from moving forward. And the “stay stuck” meant different things to many people so I think that’s why it was so big. For some it was a first time recognition, for some it was knowing that they needed to forgive themselves, it’s a universal problem…we all do it.  It was an Aha moment for hundreds of thousands of people at the same time.  And bottom line is as a human race we don’t like to see people suffer.  You wore your heart on your sleeve that day and that raw emotion touched so many people that wanted you to heal and also wanted to heal themselves.
Hope this helps…if you need anything else, just let me know.
So I guess that is who I am and what I am about, meaning I don’t hide things very well and I am very open and emotional kind of guy and you get what you get from me with no smoke and mirrors! 
I guess you can say at least with me you know I am real and I do in fact Practice what I Preach! 


  1. Lisa Neumann says:

    Oh Steve … today’s post begs a reply. I get you. I, too, have felt the urge to question the hype so many preach. In my book I talk about 12 Universal Laws and one of these is the “Law of Polarity.” In short, everything in the world, as we understand it, has an opposite. People that share only one side do a disservice to humanity (in my opinion). For many it is about selling, selling, selling. You and I know better it’s about service, service, service. Love what you do and life will be loved. I don’t live a big life, but it sure is full of peace of mind. You have such a great connection. You are always honest. You are a rarity and this, my friend, is beautiful. If you haven’t read my book, I would love to send you one. Lots of love and gratitude for your perspective today. Lisa

    • Thanks Lisa! I took a chance on this because it is what I see and what I feel! I am tired of reading about all the great people out there who seem to have all the answers and can prove it each and everyday by their positive post and teachings. I promised myself that I would post nothing but “Positive” stuff on facebook everyday and for some time I did. Then I ended up on Oprah’s Life Class Tour simply because thinking and acting positive didn’t work for me! Life works for me and I have to share it all or nothing!
      I would love to read your book!

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