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Everyday we wake up we go out and have to deal with life on life’s terms…

As I go about my day I have no clue about what will take place for the most part, I realize my day will go in accordance with what I had planned the night before or that morning. The thing about life is sometimes plans are Gods way of saying you can plan all you want but the bottom line I am in charge of it so go ahead and tell me what you might want to do today and I will show you what you are going to be doing!

I recall not to long ago I was coming back from Indio Ca. from doing a job out there for the past few weeks and all of a sudden my truck started running hot and losing power….

I immediately pulled off the highway and went to a gas station to see what was wrong, to my surprise my truck motor basically blew up! The over heating part stopped but the loss of power was very much there still.

I had no idea what I was going to do and how I would get home, my truck was cutting out and smoking like a wood burning fireplace with wet wood. I had no choice but to continue driving in hopes of making it home.

You see I had just started working a part time job out there in order to make ends meet while I continue to rebuild my life. The truck up to this point has been very dependable to me and it is the same one I purchased right after the Life Class Tour.

I packed up from Vegas and moved out of my daughters house and came back to Cali and actually lived in that truck for a month until I found employment. I had been working at a hotel for the past year and renting a room, I made very little money from the hotel job and had to work just under 40 hours like so many jobs will have you do these days.

All i want to do is get back on my feet and help take care of my youngest daughter who is still in Las Vegas with her mother and sister.

I made a decision to look for a better paying job and I found one and off I went, felt like I was finally going to be able to get ahead once again. Well I had been working for a couple of weeks and then this happens.

I did make it home and I was able to borrow a car for the rest of the time I was in Indio. After that assignment ended worked slowed up on top of the company made a mistake with my mailing address and three weeks went by before I even got paid.

I managed to stay afloat with very little money until I got my paycheck!

Well I eventually get another assignment and start working again and this time I am feeling really good about the company and I am starting to get some steady hours at a full-time position making more than minim wage!

I figure I would see if I could fix my truck myself after I do my research and discover it may just be a blown head gasket. So after work I a working on my truck and mean time I am still using someone else’s truck. I have to buy all kinds of new tools even though I still have thousands of dollars of tools in Las Vegas I can’t get to them here.

As I am making progress the person who truck I was using has some car problems and they tell me they will be needing their truck for 5 days and so I would be out a vehicle for work, I figure I will see if I can catch the bus or carpool to work, hell I am even getting some over time if I can make it.

Well the job was 30 miles away from my house and I can’t catch the bus at all and so there is no way of me getting to work!

I am thinking not again…

Long story short I had to quit my job because I have no way to get there at all! The sad thing about the person whose truck I was using never even used the truck it just sat there doing nothing.

This is part of life that I can’t control and I have to accept. I have to walk everywhere I go now and some how I have to find a way to make a living on-line or see if I can get another job close by, I have rent due and no way to pay it so now I am faced with another challenge.

You see in the past I would have been  upset and blamed everyone in the world for my so-called problems. They say God will not give you more than you can handle and all I know is the only thing I have right now is a good attitude and it is that attitude that will keep me sane.

Maybe it is all my fault and Karma is not through with me, but in all reality I was not that bad! LOL

I will get up and walk every morning and do some soul searching and try to keep building my business up. Maybe that is what God really wants me to do and that is why I am stuck with no car right now. You see all of this is happening to me right NOW!

I have no idea of what I am going to do next week when my rent is do and I can’t pay it. I can go back to work but I have no car. I am going to see what I can do to make extra cash with my cameras after all I am still a pretty good photographer.

I am a success advisory for a weight loss company so I will continue to work on that as well. It seems I have all of these other resources and tools but nothing is working out still! I have faith it will all work out and God will bring me through it some way but when I have no idea.

I have no desire to drink over my problems and next month I will be sober for 11 years…

Thank God !

My life has always had its ups and downs, I use Tony Robbins tool and strategies to the best of my ability and I have come a long ways.

I feel like Job in the Bible and I am sure Job’s friends was telling him all kinds of things like think positive God will bring your through it and years kept going by and still he kept having to deal with Satan and all of his little tricks.

I wonder how many year more i will have to keep dealing with all of these set backs in life?

You see this last time I was doing everything right I felt, I got a job like everyone told me to and I went to work and busted my butt everyday, I don’t spend money and I try to save it even though I don’t make much and as soon as I started making a somewhat decent living I get hit with all of these set backs!

O well all I can do is the next best thing that is in front of me and know it will get better one day…

I guess as long as I am alive I will just have to wait on “ONE DAY TO GET HERE” because for the past ten years I have not seen one day yet!


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