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Photography as an art form

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really haven’t been shooting a lot and I do miss it, I have had so many other things going on I have unfortunately put set it to the side in pursuit of other interest. But as I was strolling around this morning looking at other people’s work it occurred to me that I see photography a little different today.

Every shot had to be perfect or else I was not pleased even though others liked what I did I was not always happy with the results.

I came across a photographers blog and their images told a story and the story was a very simply one, they enjoyed what they did and posted it no matter what. I seen some flaws and I only seen these flaws because that is the way I actually programmed myself to see them, what I mean is I have read so many books and listen to so many experts from all kinds of web sites and I figured they had to be right and my photography had to stand up to their standards or else it was not good enough.

How many times have you been to an art museum and browsed around the gallery admiring all the great art and find yourself wondering what the hell is it and how do they see that?

Well that is what the artist sees and it really doesn’t matter what I see or think, I get the feeling so many other people act like they see the same thing just so they can fit in place and be accepted among the art world has a “somebody” who knows art.

The photographers work I was admiring gave me a feeling of satisfaction and appreciation for what they had seen through the lens and I found enjoyment looking at their work and that is when it hit me, photography is an appreciation of someone else art and how they see it.

The world is not perfect by far and I have seen some crazy stuff in my time that I have no clue as to why people like it or even will wear it but they love it and that is all that matters right?

I will give you an example of something I witness in my clothing boutique I owned a few years back in Santa Barbra Ca. It was a bad investment I was trying to save and in the process I had a taken in some consignment clothing from a guy who wanted to be an up and coming designer.

Some of his clothes looked pretty good and then he had a few pieces that I showed some friends and they agreed with me that they were hideous but I put them out to be sold because there was one thing I had realized already and that is love is in the eye of the beholder.

Well a few days go by and sure enough some of the responses I was getting from my customers were along the same lines as what me and friends had thought about one piece in particular which was a short jean skirt that was a trip.

One day a young lady entered into my establishment and was browsing around and she came across this particular item and proceeded to the dressing room to try it on, I giggled to myself and after she came out I asked her how did it fit and she said it fit perfect.

Well she set it down and looked around some more like so many customers do and I noticed she kept glaring back at it, well she ended up walking out and I thought man that was close I thought I had it sold, well to my surprise a few minutes later she came back in and walked right over to it picked it up and came to the register and paid for it!

After she left I called a friend up and told her about it because this friend of mine said it would never sell and I told her you will be surprised at what people will buy, just because it was not my friends cup of tea didn’t mean everybody had the same taste as her.

After that day I realized that you can’t go on what others close to you will say and like, for the simple fact everyone is different and has different taste in life!

Just like photography and everything else in life, just because you don’t like something doesn’t necessarily mean it is not good it just means you have different taste and as human beings we should respect each person decision when it comes to things like this.

I am not a big fan of tattoos and so I don’t have them all over my body I do have one small one and I never bothered to have it removed because it does not bother me that much, but for others it is cool because just like photography is my way to enjoy the little things in life tattoos for others is the same concept and therefore I just need to admire from a far and respect the persons decision and constitutional right to express themselves openly and freely without judgement from me and others.

There are some really famous and very expensive art work in the world and I realize just because a person puts a high price tag on something doesn’t mean it is really worth that much to me but to the person who loves it, wants it and will pay for it than so be it.

If you have a piece you absolutely love and want to sell it my suggestion is price it so high that if some one was to love it as much as you do they will pay what you want!

Until it sell at least you get to have a really expensive piece that is in your private collection until the right buyer comes along and wants it as bad as you!

After all if you don’t love it who else will!

I will never forget the feeling I had when I seen one of my pieces being shown on Oprah Winfrey‘s new Television Network Station OWN….

Every artist has a story what is yours?

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada)

Stand with Steve


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