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Keep Life Simple

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Basically at some point in all of our lives we will have to hit the RESET BUTTON and start life all over again and that is what life for me is about today!

After trying so many things in life and never really able to follow through I just realized that maybe I needed to hit the reset button one more time and just live life by keeping it as simple as possible at least for me…..


Basically I am just a normal guy living with a complicated mind, what I mean by that is I have way to many ideas and not enough follow through’s. I tend to over process and complicate my life way too much and today I decided to just DELETE everything I was doing and start fresh with a clean slate.

 I have a lot of people in my life who really have good intentions and want to help me but in all reality they don’t understand someone like me and so they can’t help me or perhaps I just don’t want their help…lol


I am perhaps a spiritual being who has a higher power and lets leave it at that….

I don’t really care for the world and all of it’s problems and so I rather just be left out of all the crazy none sense so many people want to be involved with, I get we have problems but those problems have been around long before I was and they will be around long after I leave and so I just rather not be bothered with them if you know what I mean.

Keeping Life Simple is something I really need to do for myself in order to keep my sanity and so I just have to accept that and that is all there is too it I guess. At one time I use to do a lot of drinking and drugging and then one day I just quit! That day was August 11, 2002, as of yet I have not had a drink or drug in my system and that is a miracle in itself!

I need to do something with my time so I blog about stuff that pops up in my mind and I enjoy sharing with the world….

Not sure if anyone reads my post so if you do feel free to give me a shout out!

Well I am going to head out so perhaps I will come back and add more to this but we shall see….

have a Great Day!


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